SIPcity’s Hosted, Virtual PBX and IP PBX.

It’s a Cloud or IP PBX, it’s a Virtual PBX, and it’s a PBX – it’s all the same.

Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) for Business.

SIPcity brings you its PBX, also known as Internet Protocol or IP PBX or Cloud PBX. This premium service gives exceptional business-grade VoIP phone system features because these are delivered through an online PBX system.

SIPcity’s Cloud PBX is a high availability web solution offered to business customers throughout Australia. Essentially, SIPcity’s VoIP calling service is delivered under a usage-based pricing model and all customers receive access to the features of the Cloud PBX.

Take a look at some of the advanced features that come with SIPcity’s hosted PBX.

As the leading VoIP provider in Australia, SIPcity takes it up a notch by improving your traditional PBX to a Cloud PBX packed with advanced features like:

  • Phone calls to mobile calls and vice versa
  • Local and national calls
  • Caller ID options
  • DID phone numbers for multiple incoming calls (great for call center companies)
  • Voicemail to email address feature
  • Auto-attendant or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) options
  • Call hold and call transfer options
  • Music on hold
  • Greater call quality anywhere in the world
  • Call recordings
  • Calls using unified communications system (e.g., video conferencing, instant messaging, voice and data sessions)
  • An Internet connection and customer portal options.

Make the Switch to VoIP Phone System.

There’s never been a better time to switch to business VoIP phone systems. First of all, you get heaps of benefits including no capital expenditure, no hardware phone lines, no complicated upgrades, lower support costs, and lower call rates compared to traditional phone systems.

Importantly, SIPcity’s Cloud PBX has the implicit scalability of a high volume of advanced features that are costly with an in-house PBX. This reduces the total cost of ownership dramatically. Additionally, implementation time is significantly reduced with subscribers able to add new VoIP lines and services within minutes of switching systems.

In addition, the features and functionality offered by SIPcity’s Cloud PBX systems are progressively expanded and enhanced. Also, the pricing is significantly lower, too, and makes SIPcity’s software based and virtual hosted PBX more appealing to large and small businesses, branch offices, SMBs, and even SOHO operations.

Get Started!

With your very own hosted PBX phone system today and take your business to the next level!

Hosted PBX, Virtually Speaking.

It’s time to ditch the hardware and move to the cloud – to SIPcity’s virtual PBX phone solution.

There are so many advantages to the cloud hosted PBX or IP phones over traditional on-premise telephone applications. These consist of a software based Cloud PBX, IVR and wired through an MDF (main distribution frame) connecting your business phone system. As a result, core virtual PBX functions are now available in SIPcity’s Hosted PBX that is hosted in the cloud. And you configure these yourself through your web browser.

Sign up to SIPcity’s Hosted PBX phone systems with VoIP calling plans.

Lower Your Calling Cost Per Minute.

The Cloud PBX delivers exciting benefits to businesses right from the start.

Cheap call costs are just one benefit in addition to the excellent features and functionality of Hosted PBX. As a result, there are significant cost savings for total ownership, including startup, monthly and annual costs, as well as upgrade costs.

Furthermore, SIPcity’s Hosted PBX gives you access to over 80 standard and high-value features that can be used with your office telephone system.