We’re giving our customers a flexible suite of VoIP services designed to meet their dynamic needs. And because SIPcity is a Cloud service, our continued innovation is delivered through to our customers quickly and iteratively.

Most of all we’re really loving creating a new way of delivering something that has been around for so long now – the PBX – it’s now in the Cloud. We’re excited about our customers ditching their landlines and taking control of their phone system.

It’s been too hard, for too long, and it’s been too expensive – we’re changing that.

From everyone here at SIPcity, we’re excited to be a fresh and exciting Business VoIP Provider.

Business VoIP made for Australian Business


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Get an IP Telephone system that will change the way you conduct business.

SIPcity’s hosted VoIP PBX service has extensive features and functionality all included in the one low price. Now, more than ever, it’s easier to ditch your ISDN lines and start using all the features you’re currently being charged for, for free, and immediately save a small fortune off your current phone bill. As a Business VoIP Provider the services we offer in Australia are all designed to help you save money and change the way you conduct your business. We understand how important it is for businesses to cut costs and save money wherever and whenever possible. We’ve designed our VoIP phone systems so that they can immediately reduce your overheads and increase your profitability.

Leading Australian Business VoIP solution.

SIPcity is the only Australian business VoIP provider delivering it’s cloud PBX with all features and functionality included free as part of the service. SIPcity is dedicated to offering high-value business features including call recording, conferencing, auto-attendant, simultaneous ring/one number, vFax, (known as virtual fax, faxmail or fax to email), voicemail to name a few, without the additional of per user license costs.

The SIPcity model is pre-pay only which is favoured by most cloud solution providers worldwide. As a Cloud PBX customer, you are able to up or down grade your service to suit your business needs, and you don’t get locked into any contract for the hosted solution.

The Cloud PBX difference.

SIPcity brings to the Australian Business marketplace an award winning cloud PBX (also known as a “hosted PBX” or a “virtual PBX”) solution built on carrier-grade technology specifically designed for high quality business VoIP.

When you choose SIPcity’s cloud PBX for your business you are making a decision to enter a new realm of telecommunications – SIP trunking technology which now replaces fixed line services such as ISDN. The cost savings are just one significant benefit of this new technology, and a very important one, with calling related charges being reduced by up to 65% for many customers.

Business Partners and Reseller programme.

Our customers have the choice of dealing directly with us for their hosted PBX needs, or working with one of our many trusted and respected business partners. Our partner network consists of PBX Telephone System providers, Network Integrators, Systems Integrators dedicated to delivering our customers the best alternatives to fixed line telecommunications.

We welcome enquiries to join our Reseller Programme, so if your business has a network of existing customers of prospects, and you are focussed on delivering new and exciting SIP based telecommunications then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us –  SIPcity, Australia’s best Business VoIP Provider.

SIPcity is the trading name of Blast Technologies Pty Ltd | ABN 76 143 769 000

Blast Technologies is located in Australia | 159 Victoria Street, Potts Point, NSW 2011