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How VoIP Works

VoIP CallingAre you familiar with VoIP? Short for Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP uses your internet connection to make and receive phone calls. VoIP revolutionized how we communicate with one another in both business and residential settings by transforming digital data to connect to a phone network. Pretty neat, if you ask us!

In a nutshell, VoIP gives users the ability to make and receive free phone calls using the internet. Seems easy enough, right? This is more cost-effective, as you don’t have to worry about partnering with a phone company. As long as you have a computer with an internal microphone and have linked up with a VoIP service provider, you’re good to go.

But how does it REALLY work, you ask? There are several different ways to place a call for starters depending on your needs, network, and setup.

Different Types of VoIP Services.

There are three main types of VoIP services used today:


How is Audio Information Transmitted?

When it comes to VoIP calling, audio information can be transmitted using the following:


Features Included with VoIP Calling.

SIPcity’s VoIP service plans include the following built-in features to make your calls as streamlined and professional as possible:

We hope the above provides you with a brief overview of VoIP and how it actually works. As we continue to adapt to remote work, businesses embrace solutions that keep teams connected without breaking the bank. If you are looking for VoIP solutions or need a new VoIP provider, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the SIPcity team.