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Tips for Motivating Remote Teams

A year into the pandemic, organizations worldwide are still adapting and embracing new ways of working and communicating with one another. Like much of the world, Australians started working from home in droves in 2020. As teams went remote, managers found themselves in new territory, scrambling for solutions to stay connected and productive. Beyond supporting and motivating remote teams, leaders must also ensure teams are set up with the right tech to send and receive documents and make calls.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and cloud-based fax are two services that saw a significant increase in use last year – and for good reason. Both services can be used anywhere, anytime, allowing teams to connect from all over the world. Communication is critical to any team’s success – and happiness, whether you run a large corporation or small startup.

Before the pandemic, 4.7 million people worked from home three or more days. According to research by the University of Syndey, 75% of Australian workers would like to work from home indefinitely. With this in mind, it’s imperative higher-ups make decisions to support remote teams long-term and establish effective work environments.

How to Motivate Your Team from Afar.

To help you remain agile and thrive in today’s hybrid workplace, here are some tips to help you keep teams motivated when working from home:

The pandemic forever-changed how we work, accelerating remote work trends and creating new hurdles for these teams’ leaders. Keep the above tips in and mind and consider SIPcity’s VoIP calling services or cloud-based fax to stay connected to your employees, regardless of where you are.