Switch to the Cloud

With this model all customers including SMBs, branch offices and even SOHO operations have access to the same cloud benefits as large enterprises. Hosted Cloud IP PBX services give SMBs advanced capabilities previously only available to enterprise customers, such as disaster recovery, distributed call centres, economical teleworking and much more.

Does your business have multiple locations?

Ultimately, moving to a Cloud Telephony solution is going to be much less cost up-front, but the ongoing benefits will soon become apparent. With a cloud-based VoIP solution, adding a new location just requires an internet connection and a phone. There is no need to install a new cabinet or PBX. The added bonus is also that all your locations can make calls at no cost as these are considered “on-net” calls within your company and are the same as extension dialing.

Flexibility in the Cloud

Hosted Cloud PBX

Voice services for business delivered over your internet connection – this is also known as Voice Over IP or VoIP. You own (or rent) your phones, but everything else including the PBX phone system, voicemail, is located up in the cloud.

SIP Trunking

Voice circuits delivered to your location over your internet connection. These circuits can connect directly to an IP PBX.

Business VoIP in the Cloud

Virtual Call Centre

Flexible call centers with agents located in a distributed network.

Virtual Fax Service

Send and receive faxes anywhere, anytime without using a fax machine.

Continual Improvement

SIPcity ensures that the core features and functionality of the virtual PBX are continually upgraded. There is no direct cost to you, other than what is built into your monthly fee.