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  2. Create a SIPcity account if you haven’t already.
  3. Your account manager will set up the VoIP Reseller promotion code for your customers and send you a Welcome to SIPcity Reseller Programme email.
  4. Your account manager will then contact you to discuss training options.
  5. Once you have customers using SIPcity with your VoIP Reseller promotion code you will receive revenue.
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  • As a VoIP Reseller you can differentiate your business by adding value that immediately saves your customers’ money.
  • Your customers can signup to SIPcity services for free, no obligation so it’s easy to sell.
  • SIPcity is one of Australasia’s most experienced and reliable SIP and VoIP carriers.
  • As a SIPcity VoIP Reseller you own the customer relationship including procurement, installation, configuration and maintenance.
  • You are a trusted advisor to your customers.
  • You are a convert to the cloud computing model.
  • You are already providing some form of managed services with your customers.
  • You are interested in incremental and recurring revenue streams from your customers as a VoIP Reseller.
  • No Revenue Targets: Sell as much or as little as you can to get the revenue you want.
  • No Financial Investment: Runs on established telco-grade Australasian network.
  • No Customer Billing: Customers use SIPcity’s online billing.
  • Monthly Commission: Paid into your bank directly each month.