SIPcity is Growing

To stay ahead of our continued growth we’ve been significantly upgrading our server environment by expanding capacity and resilience.

As part of our upgrade we’re also also having a Spring Clean and will be retiring an old-in-the-tooth SIPcity Live web portal with a fresh and responsive user interface, accessible from any device at any time.

This upgrade requires us to physically migrate your SIPcity account onto our new platforms including your phone settings, SIP trunk and billing information from your legacy SIPcity Live account.


SIPcity is growing

What does this migration mean to you?

The migration should cause minimal inconvenience, and there are things we’d like you to know well in advance.

  • Timeframe of your account migration:  We will phase the migration of all customer accounts to coincide with your billing anniversary date. So, if you created your SIPcity account on say 14 June 2015, your bill anniversary date is the 14th day of each calendar month. We will endeavour to start your account migration on the morning of the bill anniversary date.
  • Credit Card details: Our merchant account and payment gateway will stay the same so if you have a credit card stored against your account this won’t require updating.
  • Account Credit and Balance: Your account credit and balance will of course carry over to our new platform.

We will provide advance notice together with support information to ease your migration to our new platform.