Yealink W41P


Yealink W41P DECT desk phone is a package of T41S, W60B and DECT dongle DD10K.
  • Easy Installation without Wired LAN.
  • DECT Technology.
  • 2.7″ 192×64-pixel graphical LCD with backlight.
  • HD voice: HD handset, HD speaker.
  • 4 context-sensitive “soft” keys.
  • 15 paperless DSS key.
  • 5 features keys: message, headset, mute, redial, hands-free speakerphone.
  • 6 line keys with LED.
  • Compatible with Yealink DECT IP base station.
  • Headset, EHS support.
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Yealink W41P DECT Desk Phone.

The Yealink W41P DECT Desk Phone is a desk phone without cords based on DECT technology. No wired LAN is required. Therefore all you need is a power adapter and a DECT Dongle DD10K. This makes your installation easy, quick, and convenient. Furthermore, when paired with the Yealink DECT IP base station, Yealink DECT dongle DD10K enables T41S/T42S to work concurrently with the Yealink W41P DECT system as a handset. The Yealink W60B supports up to 8 DECT handsets in total. These advanced technologies create an improved user experience enabling different users to connect in a range of ways to enhance productivity.

Wireless Connectivity, Easy Installation.

Connect your desk phone to power and then wirelessly connect it to the base station, making setup quick and easy.

Friendly User Experience.

The Yealink W41P DECT Desk Phone is equipped with a 2.7″ 192×64-pixel graphical LCD with a backlight, offering a superior visual experience. It offers HD and crystal clear audio making your conversation natural and vivid. It includes 4 context-sensitive “soft” keys and 15 paperless DSS keys.

Premium DECT Solution.

As a complement to the Yealink W41P DECT series, the Yealink DECT Desk Phone combines the desk phone’s features with DECT capabilities. As a result, all Yealink DECT desk phones, cordless handsets and DECT IP base stations give a new and flexible DECT solution for wireless communications in your office.

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