TalkEasy and SIPtalk

Plan Details

Terms and Conditions.

  1. TalkEasy and SIPtalk are Pay-As-You-Go plans which require your account to have a positive credit balance which is debited when calls are made.
  2. TalkEasy and SIPtalk Pay-As-You-Go plans have a minimum monthly spend for calling. Where you have not spent the minimum monthly spend on calling during your billing period, your account will be debited with the difference to make up to the amount specified for your plan. For example, where a plan has a minimum monthly spend of $10 calling and you have only spent $8.20 on calling during the month, your account will be debited $1.80 to true-up your payment to the minimum monthly spend of $10. Minimum monthly spend is calling only and does not include numbers or other miscellaneous charges.
  3. Duration of Untimed Calls local and national calls is a maximum of 90 minutes per call.
  4. Calls over 90 minutes duration will be charged a per minute overage rate.
  5. 1 Month expiry for all inclusions and for use in Australia only.
  6. Calling Rates: All published rates are billed in 30 second increments.
  7. Prepaid minutes: All plans are prepaid. Unused monthly calling allowance will not be credited to the following month and is not transferable.
  8. All rates are subject to change without notice but will not alter during the period of your prepaid credit.